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Electronic press kit for musicians – 10 ideas to create yours today

October 11, 2022 • 8 min read

Nowadays, the internet is crucial to an artist’s success, and creating an Electronic Press Kit (EPK) is vital for musicians. Keep reading and  we’ll give you 10 ideas to create yours today! 

But first, what is an EPK? It’s basically an online portfolio for these professionals, a presentation tool. And why should you make one? Music industry contacts don’t have time to research your work, it’s important that they find this page with your main information, achievements and news gathered in a summarized way. 


Why create an electronic press kit?

Musicians can send this digital version of the promotional packages to venues, festivals, radio stations, and talent scouts. It’s key that you stand out among the thousands of names received daily, and a good way to do that is to have an EPK to make you stand out.. It can help to book shows, generate buzz around upcoming releases, and with the artist’s relationship with bloggers and journalists. 


1- First steps

To get started, you need to choose whether to use a page from your existing website (if you have one) for the electronic press kit or to create a new address. Either way, another decision depends on your available budget: you can either hire a professional web designer or do it yourself. For the second option, platforms like Wix and SquareSpace are free and intuitive, with loads of tutorials available.

Gather your best assets – photos, videos, reviews, press releases, interviews and whatever else you may have. Organize it in a way everything is on-hand when you need it. This way, everything will be accessible and you won’t waste time looking for that amazing photo just when you need it. 

If you don’t feel confident enough to create an EPK from scratch, several sites offer ready-made and creative templates. That way, you can just fill in your information and you’re done. If you’d like to try your hand at it but you’re feeling low on ideas, get inspired and try to make your own rendition of other artists’ EPKs. 


2- Who are you?

Now that your online promotional package has been created, it’s time for the most important step: talking about yourself! But calm down, no big texts. Write about what you would like your fans and potential contributors to learn about you. Remember that your biography will not only serve for the public to get to know you better, but also for journalists to decide whether or not to write about your music.

The read should be quick and visually appealing. Make sure the information is always updated. Attach a link with a bigger biography so the EPK is not incomplete, if you have more information to add. This document can be opened on another page.

The next step is to include downloadable promotional photos. Consider using photos taken by professional photographers that express your musical identity. As long as the images are in high quality, the correct size, and can be easily printed or exported, they are your promotional photos. This will be the place where the press will look for content to illustrate stories about you. Think: how do you want to be seen?

Variety is also an important element. You should have alternative options and a black and white photo, for example. On websites and social media, images may be cropped. That’s why we’ve provided some images with a certain space around them, like a border. Also include common formats on social media, such as used squares and easy-cut portraits for Instagram stories and reels.

3- Your work

Your music is the most important part of the project! Your talent is what will make people want to work with you, fans to enjoy your sound and journalists to write about you. So don’t forget to feature it on your EPK. Choose two to three of the most popular tracks that represent your style to be available in the digital package without the player having to go to another web address to listen. Make your work easy to access so that more people can discover it.

Another important element to stand out is music videos, if you have them. Just like the songs, select two and make them available directly in the EPK. In addition to the reproductions on the page itself, it is interesting to insert links to your streaming platforms. Again, always make sure of the image quality for download.

Do not forget to write short texts talking about the songs presented in your electronic press kit. This will help those accessing it to better understand your identity, ideas and musical style. Highlight what sets you apart! This also helps journalists to have a starting point for writing about the releases.


4- Your accomplishments

Impress the music industry professional, journalist or fan with your EPK. Create a space to showcase your career achievements. Highlight awards that were nominated or chosen, numbers of streams on your music, texts in journalistic vehicles, interviews, and appearances of TV shows or podcasts, for example. This list helps create a credible image of you.

But be careful: when mentioning your achievements, don’t take too long. It’s important to keep the reading fast and dynamic. Include hyperlinks to each of the chosen items. Show that you are someone worth investing in, writing about and following up on.

Another idea is to ask people you’ve worked with in the music industry to say positive things about you. A set of competent professionals on your side reveals that you are a good musician to work with and that you have a range of references for those who still don’t know.

5- New music

Your electronic press kit must always be updated with your releases. Anyone who enters your digital package needs access to your most recent work, which shows that you are an active and progressing musician. The press, mainly, uses this material to create pieces about you and spread your news.

To optimize your space and the reader’s time, create a call for the new song, provide a player, link to digital platforms and a button to download the press release with all the details about its debut, the cover and the official photos.


6- Upcoming shows

Reserve a portion of your EPK for a concert schedule. In addition to informing your potential audience, you will also show that you have high demand and contractors will know the free dates to hire you. Create a calendar and book all the shows and events, whether in person or online. Don’t forget to mention the places, web addresses, and where to buy tickets so your listeners can keep up with you.


7- How to contact you

After the perfect electronic press kit presentation, you need to let people know how those interested in your work can contact you! This is the time to highlight your contact phone number, email address, PO box address (if you have one), press office (if you have one) and, above all, your social media. Create hyperlinks that take the reader directly to your pages on platforms like Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, Spotify and others.


8 – Best opportunities to use an electronic press kit

It’s always a good opportunity to use an electronic press kit. In particular, invest in publicizing yours during launches and when your name will be featured in the news. The press is likely to look for more information about your work to develop releases.

But even in tranquil periods of your career, be sure to update your EPK. Music industry professionals will still access it and what may seem like a mere web page can change your life. Send your digital link to people you want to work with and leave it permanently in an easy-to-view place in your social media. In an online world, you can’t leave your career off the internet.

9- How to put it together

Once you’ve gathered all this content, it’s time to organize the page. Reading should be easy and complete. Choose the presentation considering the point of view of someone who doesn’t already know your work. Think practically: does the page scroll for a long time? If yes, collapse some content into columns. Break the text into small pieces for easier reading. Check fonts and colors chosen. Make sure all is conveying the message you want to get out there.

Also check if you can find your music quickly and if the play button for it is highlighted and working correctly. Make sure the hyperlinks are all correct and if they are still available. If you are in doubt about starting to assemble your EPK, use examples from other musicians and their content and visual identities. But the more your digital package has your face, the better.


10- Designing your electronic press kit

A tip for building a visually pleasing and functional EPK is to use lots of blank space in your design. Include plenty of space around your text, music, and images. This will give the visitors’ view a rest as they browse through all of your content.

If your biggest interest is to promote a new single, one idea is to accentuate the play button and downloadable material for the press. Choose a sleek, well-designed, brightly colored button and a site-wide pop-up player.

To choose the colors, how about looking for the palette in your official photos and displaying it on the page? It will create a visual identity and a more harmonious design for those who see it. Your new release can also command the color palette of the moment, as well as other points in the organization, such as fonts. Ever thought of using your album cover font for all titles? Get creative, but don’t forget your EPK goals.

Speaking of titles, the best thing is that their font, color and size are easy to see in the background of the page. Help the visitor locate themselves on your site. One more tip is to use a background image, which will create a unique design for your electronic press kit. Always pay attention to the quality of the photo and choose one that represents your style and personality, with impact.

Check out some creative examples and get inspired! Kelsea Ballerini, Olivia Rodrigo, Arctic Monkeys, Grace VanderWaal, and Day Limns.

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