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Electronic Press Kit – Tips & Guide To Craft Your Own

May 11, 2021 • 7 min read

Today we’re going to talk about a very important item and why you, as an artist, need it in your music promotion strategy.  If you still don’t know what an electronic press kit is, understand that it is a very important piece in the process of selling your work and image. And since we don’t want to see you get left behind in this journey, we are here to give you this “light”.

Do you know what can be the difference between you and a successful artist? Exactly some well-done music promotion. Maybe this difference lies in a very specific point: the promotional material for your work.

There are several ways, tools, and techniques that, when well used, can do wonders for your musical career.

Mastering and using YouTube for Artists, getting up with instagram music promotion, properly developing your artist branding, etc. These are just a few examples that are part of really effective music promotion.

What is an Electronic Press Kit

The term music press kit, already gives us an idea of what it is about and its purpose. It is a set of materials aimed at publicizing something, a service or product, to a target audience through the media. But that, besides the media, can be used to sell shows, for example.

We can think of the press kit as a presentation of your work, which can be a general presentation or a specific work. In it you will “sell” the image of the chosen “product”: a song, a new show, the launching of a DVD, etc.

The music press kit, in physical format, has been used for many years, but it has not stopped being essential nowadays. In times of social media marketing, it is still in high demand in several markets, especially in the music market.

Nowadays this disclosure tool is widely used in an online format, greatly reducing the final cost. This digital press kit format is known as the Electronic Press Kit (EPK).

What used to require specialized printers, CDs/DVDs, etc., today can be compiled in a folder on your computer and shared online easily.

How to put together your music press kit

The composition of a press kit can vary a lot according to the market and the objectives of each work. But, speaking of music promotion, some items and information are essential for your music press kit.

Professional photos, music with great recording quality, well-written releases, with objective and complete information make all the difference.

Obviously, do not forget to include your contact details and addresses of the digital platforms where you are professionally present.

Organization and objectivity can be decisive

Another important factor is the organization of your material. Keep in mind that your “reader” may not have all the time you imagine. This is a good time to take a look on what is an elevator pitch and make a strong and decisive one. Also you may not be the only artist the reader has received material from, so don’t wate it’s time and be direct and objective, OK?

Wherever it is published, or even if you choose to send it by email, the information should be well distributed and organized. Materials should be easy to access and view. Avoid “heavy” files and as few links to other platforms as possible.

When you are developing your artist release or, if applicable, a specific release, be objective. Be sure to include important information, but don’t go too long on explanations and facts that make for tiring reading. Don’t start your career story with: “And then God created man…”.

Career time and, in the case of a band, basic information about the members should not be missing. Real musical influences – not the ones you think are cool to include – can give a “north” for those who want to understand your work and what you are up for.

Also include relevant concerts that you have performed. Quickly mentioning the concert at the school’s prom is only interesting if it is the concert that started your career.

Graphic material

Music Press Kit

Well-designed artwork makes the difference

Even if you do not intend to work with printed material in the first moment, you will need to create some graphic materials. Among other things, you will need to know, or know someone who knows, how to make a band logo and also how to make an album cover design.

If you can, hire a graphic professional, because as they say, each one in his area. But if money is tight, and you have the skills to do it, take on this task. With a little patience and attention you can achieve a very interesting result.

I cannot remind you enough that these two materials say a lot about your work and can make a great first impression. Or not. Hence the importance of care in developing these items.

Therefore, having masterpieces as your logo and album cover, but without any relation to the band’s identity, will not bring you much benefit. More than that, they can cause expectations and wrong impressions regarding your work and your proposal.

Besides investing on graphic arts, you can also try and learn how to make a lyric video! It’s great to have that on your music promotion strategy.

Where and how to publish your Electronic Press Kit

When digital press kits became more widely known to beginning artists, a question arose: How to make this material available online?

For some time the idea was that in order to “work”, a music press kit should be hosted on specific servers. Due to this concept, websites reinforced this idea and offered tempting advantages, such as partnerships with press agencies, festivals, etc.

As time went by, it was realized that with quality work and a well prepared promotional material, a free service, such as Google Drive, could solve the problem.

Of course, if you already have, or intend to have, your own site, it can easily host your press kit. But in this case, be careful that your material is well organized and in a specific area for it. It would not be at all productive for a journalist or contractor to have to keep “hunting” for information or clicking on 1000 links to find the information they need.

An important tip

Your electronic press kit should be accessed and viewed by those who really should have access to it. So don’t post the link or access to it on your social networks or send it by random mail marketing.

If you choose to include it on your website, create a restricted area for it. Access can be by password or just by a specific link. In both cases you have control and provide access only to those you think necessary.

Creating an Electronic Press Kit on Google Drive

You will find several free platforms to create and host your material, but we will use Google Drive as an example.

The obvious also needs to be said, doesn’t it? So first of all, you must have, or create, an account on Google’s services. Once this is done we can move on.

After logging into Google, click on the little dots at the top next to your picture. Then in the list that opened, click on “Drive”.

On the “Drive” screen, in the upper left, click on the “+” sign, and then click on “Folder”. Rename the folder as you see fit, but I recommend something like “Press Kit + your band’s name.

Adding the files

Now you are ready to add your files that will be viewed by whoever you provide access to. Remember the importance of organization. Give the files clear names that leave no doubt what they are about.

If you find it necessary, for better organization, you can and should create specific folders within this initial folder. For example, one folder with audio files, another with photos, etc. But do not include an exaggerated number of files. Select the ones that best represent your work. The idea of less is more applies here, too.

Sharing your Electronic Press Kit

Right-clicking on your folder gives you several configuration and sharing options. There you will create the link to send to whoever you want.

You will also set the permission you will give that person regarding your files. The options are: Reader, Commenter or Editor. Always use the “Reader” option for your submissions. That way, whoever receives your link will only be able to view the files, without being able to change or delete them.


Remember, how to promote your music is a non-stop process, always catch up with the new tools!

Regardless of the way you choose to create and share your press kit, it is important that you don’t fail to have one. A well-thought-out and well-assembled music press kit conveys a more professional image of your work.

Therefore, don’t save time in researching models, formats, and professionals that will help you in this task.

Within your possibilities and resources, choose carefully who will be with you in this assembly.  A good photographer, a good recording studio, and some help in writing the release can make all the difference.

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