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How to Get Your Music Out There For Free – Try Magroove

September 05, 2023 • 9 min read
If you're an independent artist, you certainly catch yourself thinking about how you're going to tackle music distribuiton. Do you ever wonder how to get your music out there for free? This is the question that sooner or later pops up in your head. Without a label or studio attached to your work, it might look like a very hard task. That's because most of the distribution music work is often delegated to the companies. For independent artists, it all becomes complicated, but with good strategy you can do just as fine as if you were working with a studio.

Why Is It Important to Be On Streaming Platforms?

You might think that having a good social media presence or performing beautiful live sessions may be enough to start well in the music business. However, in today's music landscape, digital platforms play a pivotal role in shaping the success of musicians. Knowing how to get your music on Instagram is a great thing and will help you, but it isn't the first step to be taken. First, you need to get your music out there for free and make it available on streaming platforms. The shift towards digital consumption is undeniable, with data showcasing the profound impact of these platforms. For instance, Spotify, one of the leading streaming services, boasts over 365 million monthly active users globally as of Q2 2023. This staggering number underscores the vast reach and potential exposure that digital platforms offer to musicians. As evidence of the shift away from traditional physical media, sales of CDs and vinyl records have witnessed a significant decline over the past years. This trend is a clear indication of consumers' preference for the convenience and accessibility that digital platforms provide. This makes it imperative for musicians to recognize the importance of embracing these platforms. To gain relevance and connect with a broader audience, musicians need to adapt to this digital-driven landscape. Uploading songs online is no longer just an option, but a necessity. Digital platforms not only provide artists with a global stage to showcase their music but also offer crucial tools for engagement and data-driven insights into audience preferences. In essence, digital platforms have transformed how music is consumed, discovered, and shared, and musicians who harness their power stand to benefit immensely in terms of visibility, engagement, and ultimately, their careers. how to get your music on Spotify

How to Get Your Music Out There for Free: Who Can Help You?

If you're wondering how to get your music out there for free, the first thing you need to know is: most popular streaming services and online stores have a distinct approach when it comes to musicians uploading their songs onto their platforms. These major streaming services such as Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, and iTunes don't permit artists to upload songs directly to their platforms. Unlike platforms like Bandcamp and SoundCloud, where artists can directly upload their music, these big companies demand an intermediate agent to open the way for you. This is where music distribution services come into play.  These distribution services function as intermediaries, bridging the gap between artists and digital music platforms. Instead of artists directly uploading their music, they need to go through these distribution services to get their tracks onto platforms with larger user bases. While platforms like Bandcamp and SoundCloud allow direct uploads, they might not have the same level of user engagement as the more established streaming services. 

Different Distributors, Different Approaches

Music distribution companies typically offer a variety of business models for artists to choose. Many of these options involve costs that might be challenging for beginner artists. Here are some of the most common models that are offered: Pay-Per-Release: This model requires artists to pay a fee for each individual song or album they want to distribute. While this option can be suitable for artists who release music infrequently, the cumulative costs can add up over time. Annual or Monthly Subscriptions: Some distribution services offer subscription models where artists pay an annual or monthly fee to distribute their music. These subscriptions often come with a set number of releases or a specific allocation of features. While this can be cost-effective for artists who frequently release music, it might still pose a financial challenge for those just starting out.  Tiered Pricing Plans: Distribution companies may offer tiered pricing plans that provide different levels of features and benefits based on the price paid. These plans often vary in terms of the number of releases allowed, additional services provided (like promotional tools), and the level of customer support. Percentage of Royalties: Some distribution services take a percentage of the royalties earned from the music sales and streams. While this might seem like a lower upfront cost, it means that the distribution company shares in the revenue that the artist's music generates over time. Knowing how to get your music out there for free is a game changer for indie musicians everywhere. For beginners, the costs associated with these models can be a concern. It's important for artists to carefully evaluate their needs, budget, and goals when choosing a distribution model. Some artists may opt for platforms that offer free distribution options, even though they might come with limitations. As artists' careers progress and they generate more revenue, they might be able to explore the paid options provided by various distribution companies.

The Magroove Model

Magroove's business model is distinct in its dedication to providing free music distribution services to artists. Unlike many other distribution,  Magroove operates with a focus on affordability and empowerment for artists. Free distribution sites can be very useful to start your journey as an artist. Let's have a look on how Magroove's business model works in detail:

How Magroove Works:

No Upfront Charges: Magroove stands out by not imposing any initial charges to distribute your music through the platform. This eliminates a common barrier for artists who are just starting or have limited resources. Unlimited Uploads: Artists can freely upload an unlimited number of singles, EPs, or albums onto the platform. This approach encourages artistic creativity without the worry of exceeding upload limits. Annual Fee Structure: Magroove's revenue model involves a modest annual fee. Each year, the platform collects only the first USD 5 from the royalty profits generated by each release. This ensures that the cost remains reasonable and predictable for artists, allowing them to retain more of their earnings. Additional Gains to Artists: Beyond the initial USD 5 collected, all additional revenue generated from the artist's music goes directly to the artist. This revenue distribution model guarantees that the artist benefits fully from the success of their work. No Minimum Threshold: Magroove recognizes that not every release may meet the USD 5 threshold in a given year. Importantly, the platform does not impose any extra charges or take down the release if it falls below this threshold. The distribution service remains free regardless of the revenue generated. 100% Royalty Rights: One of the cornerstones of Magroove's model is the commitment to artists retaining 100% of their royalty rights. This empowers artists to maintain control over their creative output and earnings. Magroove's business model is designed to democratize music distribution. Therefore, we eliminate financial barriers and provide artists a platform that supports their growth without sacrificing earnings. The platform's annual fee structure, revenue sharing approach, and commitment to maintaining free distribution demonstrate its dedication to fostering a supportive environment for artists to thrive.

Why Distribute With Magroove?

More Exposure

When comparing Magroove's services to other free music distributors the number of platforms it partners with stands out as a clear advantage. With a distribution network spanning 51 streaming services, online stores, and social networks across the globe, Magroove's reach far exceeds that of its counterparts. Some of the other distributors offer free distribution to less than 10 platforms, showcasing a significant disparity in distribution scope. Learn how to distribute your music for free and get more exposure everywhere This broad network provides several inherent benefits. First and foremost, the extensive reach of Magroove translates into a significantly larger audience potential for artists. With presence across a diverse array of platforms, artists have a higher likelihood of their music reaching new ears. Therefore, you have higher chances in finding an audience that resonates with your unique style.  By being present on a multitude of platforms, Magroove significantly improves the prospects of artists' music being discovered by a wide array of audiences. This extensive network increases the chances of exposure. Also, the presence in various platform  directly translates into heightened discoverability. This enable artists to tap into various pockets of interest and potentially expanding their fan base.

 Flexible Strategy

Furthermore, Magroove's facilitated distribution not only widens artists' audience reach but also opens doors to increased streams, downloads, and sales. This expanded visibility and accessibility across numerous platforms directly contribute to diversifying artists' revenue streams. As music enthusiasts engage with artists' work through various platforms, the cumulative effect can translate into higher play counts, more downloads, and potentially more purchases. Consequently, this expanded distribution amplifies the potential for artists to earn income from different avenues. Which allow's them to capitalize on the diverse consumption preferences of their audience and further monetize their musical endeavors. These extensive partnerships grant artists the unique advantage. To get the most of it, they need to customize their release strategy to align with the preferences of distinct audiences across various platforms. Each platform requires a proper strategy of distribution. It doesn't matter if it's Spotify, Deezer or Itunes. Magroove knows how to work with all. This knowledge empowers artists to strategically curate how and when their music reaches different listener segments. For instance, artists can time their releases to coincide with peak usage hours on specific streaming platforms. They can also craft different promotional approaches for diverse online stores. This strategic flexibility allows artists to optimize the impact of their music.

How to Get Started with Magroove? 

Now that you are aware of the advantages of using Magroove, here's a simplified step-by-step guide on how to upload with us:
  1. Sign Up: Begin by visiting the Magroove website ( and create an account. Provide the required information to create your artist profile.
  2. Log In: After signing up, log in to your Magroove account using your credentials.
  3. Upload Your Music: From your account dashboard, locate the option to "Upload Music" or a similar button. Click on it and follow the prompts to upload your music files. Make sure to provide all the necessary details like track titles, album name, genre, etc.
  4. Choose Distribution Platforms: Magroove will guide you through selecting the platforms where you want your music to be distributed. This is where you can choose from the extensive list of streaming services, online stores, and social networks.
  5. Confirm and Distribute: Review your music and distribution choices. Once you're satisfied, confirm your selections and proceed to the distribution step. Magroove will then take care of distributing your music to the chosen platforms.
Remember, these steps are meant to provide a simple overview. For more detailed instructions and guidance, you can refer to the instructions on the Magroove website. Now that you know how to get your music out there for free, don't waste more time! Get into it and go after your goals! SIGN UP!
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