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How to grow your music audience – Boost your career

September 05, 2023 • 7 min read
Do you know how to use music promotion in order to grow your audience? Having listeners and supporters is one of the most important things in an artist's career. The quality of the music is a major factor to catch attention, but there are some strategies you can learn to boost your reach even more and increase your numbers. Especially if you're an indie artist, a rising number of listeners can give you the chance of making a profit with your music. By doing that, you can invest even more in your career. For that reason, learning about music promotion is crucial. With that knowledge, you can increase your reach and get to people who might like your productions. Nowadays, just having your songs on streaming platforms is not enough. Spotify, which is the biggest streaming platform today, has over 100 million tracks available. With the right music promotion, you can be one step ahead of these other options and learn how to grow your audience.

Social media

Social networks like Facebook, Instagram and TikTok were some of the most downloaded apps in the past few years. Because of that, nowadays it's almost mandatory for an artist to have a stable and consistent presence in all of those platforms. Different social media apps have different audiences, which is why it's so important to have a profile set up in all of them. From there, you can reach the highest number of users possible. how to grow your music audience The algorithms of these platforms are very specific and, sometimes, complicated. But they can be of great help if you know how to use them in your favor. They'll enhance the reach of your posts if your content is relevant and interesting. Because of that, make sure that your posts are engaging. Encourage your followers to interact with them! Another important thing for the algorithm is frequency. Keep your profile updated and try to post something everyday.

Interact with your public

Social media is known to enable a closer relationship with fans and supporters, so use this in your favor. Answer questions that your supporters ask on your profile, take requests and try to make content that they recommend. This can also help with your engagement, since people feel more encouraged to interact knowing you'll answer them. Live streams and behind-the-scenes clips are great types of content to post on social media. These two things show a more candid side of you and strengthen the closeness between you and your followers.  You can run giveaways in your profile to make people more engaged and interested in your posts. Tickets for your concerts and merch items are great to catch the attention of your followers. If you have interesting things to offer, your followers will want to check your profile more often to see your activity there. All of these actions may help with the algorithm and, consequently, make you grow your music audience.

The combination of audio and video

The rise of tools like TikTok, Instagram Reels and Youtube Shorts created great opportunities for musicians. They combine audio and images in order to make short and fun videos. In these types of apps, there's the possibility of going viral and reaching millions of views! Challenges and choreographies are really popular there. You can contact some influencers and try to pitch your songs for them to use. But don't forget to choose creators who have a similar style to yours. This way, it's more likely that their public will be interested in knowing more about you. You can also share snippets of your songs before the actual release to build the hype around it. Choose the most exciting part of the track and make videos using the sound. You need to have your music on the platform in order to make your sounds available to use. With Magroove, you can add your songs to streaming and social medias apps that have their own audio libraries, like Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. All of this for free! Once you do that, your music will be available to creators and users.

Sharing your music

How to grow your music audience Besides social media, there are some strategies that you can use to promote your productions and to grow your music audience inside streaming devices like Spotify. The app had, only in the first quarter of 2023, 515 million active users. So it's really important for any artist to have their songs available there. Playlists are really popular on streaming apps and they can help you reach more potential listeners. Even though there are three different types of playlists, Editorial ones are a really interesting tool to grow an audience. Editorial playlists are curated by Spotify's team and follow a theme, which could be a music genre, mood or event. The platform's biggest editorial playlist is Today’s Top Hits. Alone, the playlist has 30.7 million followers: as you can see, it reaches a lot of people. So here goes a step-by-step guide on how to have your song featured in an editorial playlist:

1. Claim your Spotify for Artists account

To be able to apply, you need to have a Spotify for Artists page. This will allow you to be verified on the platform. Besides that, you will have access to see the statistics about your productions. You claim your account clicking here

2. Submit your song ahead

To have your song featured in this type of playlist, you need to send it at least 7 days before the release. During this period, you'll be able to make changes, but the curators will only see the first version of the song and not the final one. So make sure to plan your schedule well. 

3. Write your pitch

The pitch is a brief text about you and your track. A good pitch should mention about the inspiration behind a song and in what genre it fits. Search for playlists that have artists with a style similar to yours, so you can write about your song being a good match for that specific playlist. Have in mind that Spotify receives a lot of pitches daily, so don’t make your pitch too long or not interesting enough. Show them why they should feature your song instead of all others. Pitches must be objective but informative at the same time. Analyze what information is important for the curators to know and write them down in a direct way. You can also mention relevant media appearances, nominations and awards that you've earned, but don't linger over it. 

Know your audience

A lot of the platforms said here have tools to monitor your numbers. This is a great way to see how your public reacts and interacts with certain contents. In apps like TikTok, for example, you can even see the average gender, age and country from which the majority of your public is from. Use these tools to learn about your audience and what makes them interested in you. By analyzing your numbers, you'll be able to tailor your content to the fans' liking. It'll also allow you to know in which type of content you should invest more time. Besides that, you'll be able to see what type of people your productions attract. This is a key information for when you have to search for social media creators, other artists or playlists, for example, that attract the same type of people. The more close the profiles are, the bigger is the chance of them becoming interested in you.

Music networking

How to grow your music audience Collaborating with other artists is a good strategy to reach more people. As said before, knowing your public is essential for music promotion. In this case, you'll be able to pick an artist to collaborate with that has a similar public to yours. This can make your promotion more effective. If you choose right, the featured artist's fans can become yours too, and this way you'll grow your music audience! Concerts and festivals can help you build that network as well. Live concerts have a large reach. Having a good pitch is also important for you to book these events. Contact festivals that match your concept or even well established artists that need an opening act for their shows. 


With the rise of social media, there are a lot of ways an artist can reach more people and grow their audience. Social media apps and streaming platforms are always full of new trends and features. Try to be updated and learn how to use these new tools in your favor to get to more people. Knowing what type of people you want to attract will help you a lot during this process. Once you really get to know your public, you'll start to know more easily what catches their attention. And don't forget to keep monitoring your numbers. It's important for you to analyze which strategies make sense for your career. In addition to that, know that not every strategy will work in every media. The numbers will tell which content suits that media and which one does not.
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