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What Is An Elevator Pitch – Tips & Guide To Make A Decisive One!

May 07, 2021 • 7 min read

Have you ever evaluated whether you are really exploring all the possibilities that music promotion can offer your career? Do you know what is an elevator pitch and how it can make all the difference in your music promotion strategies?

What if suddenly, out of nowhere, on the street or in the elevator you met “The Dude” of the music industry? That person who only in your wildest dreams you would have the chance to meet face to face?

Would you ask for an autograph? A selfie with him? Or would you take the chance to present your work? Not that the selfie is totally out of the question, but for now let’s focus on your marketing.

There are several techniques that can be a great differentiator when it comes to how to sell music. We have already explained some of them, such as what is an electronic press kit, artist branding, and today we will talk about elevator pitch.

Keep reading if you want to really know how to promote your music.

What is an Elevator Pitch

The basic idea of what is an elevator pitch is to present your work quickly and objectively. And when we say “quick” we mean something around 60 to 120 seconds if possible.

This technique is widely used in the startup market, where investors do not always have the time and inclination for long presentations. Therefore, both in “live” meetings and in promotional materials, an objective presentation already starts winning points.

Bringing it to music, imagine how many times a day our “Face” is approached by artists seeking his space? Multiply this number many times to get an idea of how much physical and digital material he receives daily.

So we can conclude that, besides objectivity, you have to be different. Try not only to grab attention during the available time, but to generate interest and, who knows, schedule a meeting.

Applying what is an elevator pitch as a concept

You should rather think about what is an elevator pitch as a concept, not as a strategy with a fixed format. Thus, this concept can be used in situations as we mentioned above, and also, for example, in social media marketing.

An objective text presenting your work, combined with a meaningful image, can become a great opening for your site.

You can create several “elevator pitches”, with different purposes and applications. With practice you will discover and expand the possibilities of what is an elevator pitch.

Let’s get to work: Developing your elevator pitch

what is an elevator pitch

We have two starting points, which can be simultaneous or in sequence. They are: Define the objective of your elevator pitch and which audience it is intended for.


In defining the objective, we will identify where it will be applied. Will it be for that “chance meeting” model? A presentation for social networks? To sell your new show? Promote a new song?

Regarding the length of your elevator pitch, it may vary depending on the application it is intended for. In the case of written text, a tip is to read it aloud. This will help improve your perception with regard to length.

Target audience

Different people, different perceptions, different requirements. So define to whom you intend to present your elevator pitch: Followers, music producers, sponsoring contractors…

For each target audience you can work out a different approach. In some cases informal language will be more appropriate, in others, enriching the way you express yourself can count for points.

But don’t run away from the characteristics of your work, the result may sound false and disconnected from your artist branding.


If you were a startup looking for an investor, this would be the time to say why someone should invest time and money in your idea. In our universe, it is time to present yourself and show why you are different from other artists.

In the case of a “live” presentation, a template for your “basic script” might contain

  • A very brief personal introduction – Name and where you are from;
  • A presentation about your work – artist’s name, musical style;
  • If there is one, cite the most relevant fact – Opening of an important concert, winner of some festival, song recorded by a renowned artist;
  • Differential – The band is composed of 18 drummers.

If you are preparing a presentation in written format, for social networks, contractors, etc. you can follow the same idea. However, make the necessary adaptations and adjustments for each case and situation.

Rehearsing your presentation

what is an elevator pitch

Think of it as rehearsing a new song. First you had the inspiration, composed the song, and before the show you need to rehearse so that the performance comes out as expected.

It is important and helpful that you write down this script. Exactly as if you were writing a script, with all the information and in the sequence you intend to use. This process will give you more confidence when you are face to face with your future professional partner.

Another essential factor is that you are ready to answer any question. Of course this cannot be a problem, after all, you are talking about your own story.

Rehearse in front of the mirror, record your speech so you can hear yourself in action, call some “lab rats” to listen to you… Or all of the above, which would be great.

In this process pay attention to two points: Your body language and your tone of voice. Both need to be in agreement with what you are saying. Get the same message across.

Showtime – Presenting live

Once the theoretical part and the rehearsal sessions of your elevator pitch are over, let’s think about the actual action time.

The right time

You will need to evaluate if it is the right time for an approach. In this case, common sense is the only compass available. No bother studying and understanding what is an elevator pitch if you lose time and feeling of when to do it. Even with little time, assess the situation, and if it is not a good moment, just say hello and wait for the next round.

The perfect moment when he himself will approach you and ask if you are a musician will never happen. Sometimes you really have to take a chance, but be aware of some critical possibilities.

It will never be a good moment if he is having lunch with his family, on his cell phone, or in a meeting. Even if it is in a coffee shop or pub.

The approach

You found the best moment and it worked. He is there, ready to listen to you. Now what?

Now you do as most human beings do: “Good morning” (afternoon/evening), say your name and who you are in this world. Right after that, if you feel “open” to it, make a brief and sincere comment about how you admire his work.

Then use your well-rehearsed “elevator pitch” that is on the tip of your tongue. Keep calm and cool, after all, you are talking about something you know more about than anyone else.


At this point, if he is still in front of you, it is because he saw something in you. Or he is just a kind and polite person. Whatever the case may be, it is time to move on to the next step.

Ideal situation: Make an appointment at another location for further conversation.

Interesting scenario: You get his contact information so that you can set up a next meeting.

Medium situation: He asks for your card to get in touch.

Bad situation: He says he is not interested at the moment.

In the latter, don’t compromise your image as an artist. Politely thank him for the opportunity, say hello again, and move on.

In other cases, always have a business card, in good condition. Not the crumpled one in your wallet.

Have your material at home ready for immediate use. If he is really interested, you can schedule a meeting for “yesterday”.


Maybe, after reading our article, you have concluded that you already know what is an elevator pitch and how to make a good one. Or you are lost needing to reread the content several times. Whatever the case, the tip is: Practice, practice, practice!

Turn on your “radar” and start noticing in your daily life how and where it is used. You will notice the use of elevator pitch where you could not even imagine. This will be a great help when creating your own, and now you already know what is an elevator pitch.

To conclude, here are two examples based on our “base script” and on what we have seen throughout this article.

Good luck in your creations and approaches, and don’t forget: Practice makes perfect!

Examples of what is an elevator pitch

what is an elevator pitch

  • Live meeting

Good afternoon, Mr. John of Silva, how are you? My name is John Lennon, I’m from Liverpool and I’m a guitarist and vocalist in a rock band. Our style is unique and unlike anything you have ever heard. If you are ready to change the world of music forever with us, it would be a great honor to work together.

  • Introductory text

Welcome to the Hip-Hip-Hurra band website! We are a contemporary jazz band, winners of the Chicago Jazz Festival. Good music guaranteed or your good taste back!

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