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YouTube for Artists – And What Does It Do For The Artist

April 08, 2021 • 4 min read

You must have came across this article looking for more specific info about music promotion on YouTube. Well, then, let us give you more info on what this is special service from YouTube can do for you.

Surely, you must have already put some of your videos on YouTube. Without a doubt, it is the best video streaming platform on the market. What few artists know is that it is possible for musicians to have a verified profile on this famous streaming service.

So, what is it to YouTube for Artists?

This verified channel allows artists to better manage their presence on the platform. With this, the musician will have better tools to organize and better engage audience to their work.

Are you curious?

To know more about YouTube for Artists and discover its advantages, just read this article!

Which benefits does YouTube for Artists offer to musicians?

There are several reasons for you to invest on YouTube for Artists.

First of all, being a verified music artist on the platform will give you a lot of credibility and authenticity.

Certainly, your work will be more valued and better seen by the audience you intend to reach, which is very rewarding.

Having a verified YouTube profile is not just about status, there are other good justifications for claiming that position as an artist on the platform. Check them out below!

Have control over your presence

Anything that is connected to your name as an artist will be linked to that official account.

This means that any product linked to your brand that is placed on the platform, whether by any user or an advertising agency, will automatically be associated with your original profile.

Certainly this function will give you greater control over your digital presence on streaming channels.

Organizing your material

Besides organizing your photo gallery well, YouTube for Artists also takes care of the organization of all your material.

This means that your work, be it music, discography, or partnerships with other artists, will have a coherent structure that will make it easier for those who want to know your work.

Do you even know what an electronic press kit is? YouTube for artists can be a great tool to make your own and improve your communication with both contractors and your audience!

Therefore, it is important to have a good collection of material available for a good dissemination.


The verified user will be found more easily on the platform. With a well put together profile structure your name will be much more evident when typed into the site’s search query.

Community tab released

For those who don’t know, YouTube’s community tab is like a social network within the channel itself. Here you can write texts, create polls, post videos or photos, and other functions.

Normally, to have access to this tab a regular user needs to have more than 10,000 subscribers. But if you have your own official channel you can have access even without any subscribers.

The most important thing about this tool is that you can have a personalized channel to interact with your public. Moreover, with this mechanism it is possible to sell tickets and disclose your entire agenda.

YouTube For Artists

What does it take to be verified on Youtube for Artists?

First, you must have an agreement with a digital music distributor.

The job of these distributors is to get your music to the streaming platforms. They are also responsible for transferring the royalties to you. In short, they are the ones who do the whole bureaucratic process.

In addition, YouTube has some requirements for you to be able to claim your name as an artist.

For starters, you need to have a dedicated channel with your music content. That is, a profile with your stage name, and have three official releases distributed on YouTube.

Once you meet the requirements, you can send an email to the platform requesting to switch your profile to verified.

After a few days, more or less 15, they will return with a form for you to fill out requesting the account switch.

Now just wait a few more days and you will have your profile as an official artist account and will be able to enjoy all the advantages that the platform offers.

Did you like to know the advantages of Youtube for Artists service?

If you believe in your work and are looking for credibility and authenticity, take advantage of these tips. Start the process as soon as you can.

After all, it is a way for musicians to solidify their name in the market and their presence in the social network, opening new resources and optimizing their information channels.

With the right tools, you have everything to better manage your career. Above all, transform your music into a business and change your professional and artistic life.

Remember, how to promote your music is a non-stop process, always catch up with the new tools!

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