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How to Make a Band Logo – Tips & Guide To Create Your Own Logo!

May 28, 2021 • 5 min read

This music promotion strategy is much talked about, but sometimes little understood. When one imagines the Rolling Stones, the first image that comes to mind is the band’s logo. The old familiar red tongue has gained so much notoriety that it blends in with the history of the musicians and their songs. Learning how to make a band logo has become indispensable. But it is important that this creation is done with a very careful eye. After all, no one wants to associate their image with something that does not represent them.

There are two ways to create a good logo. The first is by hiring a professional specialist in the matter. This will make the job easier, but will give the band less control over the process. The second is to learn how to make a band logo independently, using online tools. There are several options on the Internet. In this case, the difficulties are greater, but the process can be very enriching.

In both situations it is essential that the band has knowledge about artist branding and basic design techniques. The starting point is to keep in mind that the logo must first of all be original and easy to recognize. Isn’t this exactly what happens with the Rolling Stones?


Before getting down to business, it’s a good idea to brainstorm. It’s that moment when the band gets together and let all the ideas that come to each one flow, without judging whether they are good or bad. It is from the brainstorm that the first signs of a logo emerge. And these first ideias are usually pretty close to your band’s identity, you’ll see.

When choosing the most interesting ideas, it is always worth considering that they need to reflect the band’s personality. One of the most common mistakes is to create something that doesn’t speak to the message you want to convey. And having to change the logo, after it gets into the hands of the public, is no easy task.


Among the most important points in creating a logo are the colors, typography, and symbols used. Here are tips to master each one of them.


Colors have a lot of influence in logos. Coca-Cola, for example, uses red, because it is capable, among other things, of increasing the consumer’s appetite. This means that much more than using a color because it is the artist’s favorite, it is necessary to understand its meaning, its psychology. There are several studies available on the Internet on the subject. Research shows that color can represent up to 85% of the reason for a purchase. It could be no different for artistic products. To know effectively how to promote your music, it is important to consider all these aspects.


Typography is the shape of the font that will be used. In other words, the spelling, the font. Choosing the font is something that can be done on the Internet, using tools such as the Dafont website. However, before choosing the one you like best, it is important to understand that typography also plays an essential role in your logo. Think about Google. It is easy to see the relevance of the font, isn’t it? Another classic example is the Beatles, who used a very unique typeface. There are fonts that convey the idea of elegance, others of strength, others of delicacy, others of boldness. And so on… It is advisable to study the meaning of the typeface before deciding on the one that will make up the logo.


Now, let’s go to the designs and symbols. Just as the red tongue is the central point of the Rolling Stones logo, there are several other bands that use strong images in their logos. Guns N’ Roses, for example, knew well how about album cover design. But all of them featured the famous image of guns with roses, a clear allusion to the band’s name. No wonder they say that a picture is worth a thousand words. But the essential thing is to choose a symbol, drawing or photo that is aligned with the band’s purpose. And that, in addition, is in line with the chosen colors and typography. Italian designer Emanuele Abrate did a study on the worst logos in the world and the result is clear: images are the biggest villains. Just take a look.


When the logo is being made by a professional, there is more room for experimentation. This is because the work is in the hands of a specialist, who will know how to explore the possibilities in a more assertive way. However, if the band is using free online tools – which can also generate amazing logos – the secret is to keep it simple. Usually, these tools offer pre-assembled templates. So, in this case, it is worth looking for those in which there is less mixing of colors, fonts, and images. In advertising, this is called “clean design”. In other words, a visually cleaner project.


The slogan is that word or phrase that appears together with the logo. Its primary function is to offer additional information to the public, to better explain the product being sold. In music, it is not mandatory. However, it can be very interesting to mark different moments of the band’s career. For example, the launch of an album/EP or the celebration of 10 years of existence. In this case, a temporary slogan is created just to mark the date. It is a very efficient music marketing strategy.

RECAPPING Key points on how to make a band logo

Undeniably, there are several points to be considered when creating a great logo.

  • So remember:
  • The more original, the more interesting the logo will be.
  • Assertive logos are those that are easily recognized by the public.
  • Understand the meaning of colors to use them without fear.
  • Use typography to your advantage, as the Beatles did.
  • Images are great resources, as long as they are aligned with the band’s personality.
  • Slogans are not mandatory, but can be excellent marketing strategies.
  • When in doubt, go for simplicity.
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