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Why Magroove?
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Where did inspiration come from?
As artists and music lovers ourselves, we noticed a primary mistake from music recommendation services - their recommendations are stuck in a small artist pool because their algorithms are based solely on popularity. We then set our minds to solve the problem of a music aficionado - to go beyond the mainstream, to show new and fresh stuff every day.
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And how's Magroove different?
We created an algorithm that put our user's unique taste in the first place. Our AI is designed to recommend music based solely on musical features. That way, whether you're an upcoming or established artist, your song will be recommended if it sounds like what our users want to hear and not based on your popularity.
But how can you actually help me?
We have literally thousands of listeners looking for new songs every day. People frustrated with the recommendations they get from their streaming platforms. People looking for fresh tunes, early adopters and music lovers.

And guess what? We can get your music to their ears. You are just a few clicks away from an audience of tens of thousands of listeners from more than 190 countries.
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Have fun and support independent artists!
We have big ambitions here, I think you've noticed. We truly wanna help music lovers reach new artists in a fun and satisfying way. Our app is precisely designed for that. And, on the other side of the story, independent artists will be reaching new and faithful audiences everyday.
several smartphones displaying app homepage several smartphones displaying app homepage
several smartphones displaying app homepage several smartphones displaying app homepage