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Spotify URI – Get Your Artist URI code And Claim Your Artist Profile

October 20, 2021 • 5 min read
A Spotify URI code is a crucial piece of information especially for those who want to know how to pre-save an album on Spotify. There are different kinds of Spotify URI codes. Each is assigned to a shareable feature from inside Spotify’s application. So there are Spotify URI codes for songs, playlists, full releases (albums, EPs or single) and artists pages. They are pretty accessible and easy-to-get codes, essentially because they are used for sharing those features on social media or any other kind of communication media. But they are also required for verifying and claiming an artist’s profile on Spotify For Artists. Which is the main reason why artists should know a little bit more about them and how they work. To share songs you'll use one kind of Spotify URI. To share albums, another. And to share your artist page and claim you Spotify For Artists account? Well, you guessed it. A Spotify Artist URI.

Why do I want my Spotify URI code?

Every Spotify URI code is important for an artist who has releases on the platform. But the one most important is probably the Spotify Artist URI code, the one assigned to your artist page on the platform. That’s the code you need to to create your Spotify For Artists account and claim your Spotify artist page  in the first place. First of all you should know the most obvious and relevant information for an artist. Each artist page has a unique Spotify Artist URI code assigned to it. And that’s especially relevant if you manage more than one Artist Name (Page) on Spotify. That will require you to claim more than one artist profile on your Spotify For Artists account. That way you can enable Pre-Save and playlist pitching for every Artist Name you manage under one Spotify For Artists account. But you must have each Spotify Artist URI for each Artist Name you have releases under. Do you get it now why it’s a simple but crucial piece of information?

How do I get my Artist URI code?

You must have at least one release online under the Artist Name you wish to get the Spotify Artist URI. Once you claim your Spotify For Artists account you can manage more than one artist profile, but you'll need the Spotify Artist URI of each of them to claim such profiles. Which means these new releases under new artists names must also be online for you to get the according Spotify Artists URIs.
  • If you have a release already online (under the artist name you want to get the URI code)

You’ll first go to your artist’s page in the Spotify application. And now there are two different paths. If you’re on the mobile version, it's as simple as clicking that three-dot button. Going to Share and that will lead to the Copy Spotify URI option. There you go. You can now claim that artist name (assigned to the Spotify Artist URI code you just got) and you can also claim your Spotify For Artists account with that code to start managing your benefits! If you’re on the desktop version of the app, you’ll go to your artist’s page. Find that three-dot button under your Artist Name and go to Share. That will now lead to Copy link to artist, and what you want to do here is to keep your cursor on top of it and hold the Alt/Cmmd key to change “Copy link to artist” into Copy Spotify URI. Now you click it and copy the correct code! Now you can verify that artist profile and claim your Spotify For Artists account if you haven’t done that yet. Check the gif below and see how it happens: Spotify URI

How does an Artist URI look like?

An Artist URI is composed of two tags and 22 characters. The first tag is "spotify", the second will tell us if it's an "artist", "track" or "album" URI. So the Artist URI  should look like this: spotify:artist:1HY2Jd0NmPuamShAr6KMms Pay close attention to the "artist" right in the middle of it. If you get a Song URI it'll be "track" instead of "artist", and the same way it'll show "album" for an album URI. That's another way to make sure you're getting the right kind of code.

Verify and Claim your Spotify For Artists account with Spotify URI code

Verifying your artist profile will, right off the bat, feature that cool little icon next to your artist name. You’ll be featured as a Verified Artist. And with your Spotify For Artists account you can manage your artist profile by changing your profile picture, editing your artist’s biography, creating your own featured artists playlists and more benefits. Creating your Spotify For Artists account and verifying your artist profile require the one most important code, the Spotify Artist URI. Which means that on the sign up process of your account, you’ll be also verifying your artist profile. And later, if you add more Artists Names - and therefore more Artists Pages - you’ll just have to add their corresponding Spotify Artist URI codes to your Spotify For Artists account to manage them all together from one place. After providing your Artist URI, Spotify will set another verification test. And here we can help you one more time. You'll have to provide now a social media profile or the band's website. If you subscribed to our Magroove Website service, you'll be good to go. But if you didn't, no worries, 'cause you can also claim you Spotify For Artists account with our free Magroove Store. So by simply setting up your Magroove Store and providing the link, Spotify will verify your account quick and easy!

And what are the other benefits?

Artists nowadays have been eagerly looking for how to use the Pre-Save and Spotify’s playlist pitching features. And you can only do that if you have already verified your artist profile and claimed your Spotify For Artists account. Pre-Save and pitching for playlists are tools designed to make you stand out among the big ocean of artists on Spotify. Nowadays we put so much effort in making great music. We surely want it to reach the biggest audience as possible. If your audience Pre-Save your next release it’ll count for you as a play right from that moment and if you set a strategic release date you’ll have enough time to build up the hype on your release. If you pitch your release for playlists, you get a chance to show up on an editorial curated playlists, and that will not only boost your streams but also build up your followers base!

Then, why not...

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