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Google Knowledge Panel For Artists – How To Get Verified

November 05, 2021 • 7 min read

Some people may write it off, but music promotion is crucial to every artist who wants new listeners. Tools like Google Knowledge Panel for artists are great to make sure people know about your project. Bands and solo acts have been using the internet to expand their audiences for years now. So, if you want to get your music out there, it’s important to take all the steps.

Today we’re going to talk about Google Knowledge Panel for artists. Keep reading to learn how to make the most of it and make an even bigger impact in the industry.


What is Google Knowledge Panel?

This has probably happened to you before. You’re searching on Google for a new band, TV show or even a place to grab a bite after work. Once you’ve typed the text and hit enter, a panel shows up on the top of your screen, maybe on the right hand corner if you’re using a computer.

This section containing all the relevant information about that thing is called Google Knowledge Panel. It will give you an overview on that subject, telling you how you can learn more. For musical acts, it will even show you ways to buy or stream the songs.


Google Knowledge functions as way to speed up the user’s experience when searching for something. It compiles all the important information you may need without having to click and open any links.


Why is it so important?

It is estimated that Google processes roughly 5.6 billion searches daily. All around the world, people rely on this service to study, shop and find recommendation for movies and songs. But since the volume of information is enormous at this point, it’s important to set yourself apart.

As we have mention, Google Knowledge Panel is like a shortcut, saving the user from having to dig deeper. All the information is summarized in there so it only takes a quick glance to find what you need. It works in a compact format just like an elevator pitch but in digital form.


How does it work?

When it comes to the panel, it’s important to understand it can have different configurations. If you search for “fern”, for instance, you will get an in-depth description of the plant and how to care for it. If you search for a local business, you may find their website, working hours and other relevant info. Movies and songs usually come with links to watch/listen and so on.

But the thing that makes Knowledge Panel so useful is that it hardly requires any human effort. Google gathers all the information automatically as you input your search. The data usually comes from trustworthy sources such as Wikipedia, Crunchbase and authority press release sites.


Automatic but customizable

Just because the panels are set up automatically that doesn’t mean you can’t affect what shows up on your band’s search results. First thing here is to understand where that data comes from. Then, you can go and make sure those databases have all the correct information about your music.

Updating your social media accounts and having your own website can go a long way here. Also, make sure you have all your material available on streaming services. We know it all can seem a little too much, but we are here to help you through.


How to claim your Google Knowledge Panel

Not all artists and musicians are tech-savvy and that is completely ok. Sometimes, when they first learn about Google Knowledge Panel for artists the ball is already rolling. When you search for your act’s name, it already shows some information – remember, it’s all automatically generated.

But just because you already have a panel, doesn’t mean your work is done here. It’s important to claim that panel as your own so you get to edit everything and eventually correct wrong information.

At the bottom of every panel, there’s a link titled “Claim this knowledge panel”. You’ll have to click on that and then follow the steps to assure you are authorized to edit the content.


How to manage your panel

At this point you are probably wondering how to manage your information on the search results. Here’s everything you need to manage Google Knowledge Panel for artists.

curly ginger woman in orange long sleeve shirt sitting in front of silver macbook sipping iced coffee smiling in an empty coffee shop

1.      Get a Google account

It can almost go without saying that you need to create an account to manage all things Google. You’ll need an account to communicate with the platform and verify your ID.

Getting registered is quick and easy. Down the line, it will help you with other aspects of your promotion plan.


2.      Get on YouTube

It’s not unwarranted that YouTube calls itself the biggest stage on earth. Granted, the platform is today’s most popular music streaming service in the U.S. It’s also one of Googles biggest features and database. So, it’s only natural that you need to set up your official artist channel.

You can do it even if you don’t have any music out yet. Fill it in with a good bio and hopefully nice pictures of your band. It will be your business card on the internet while your music is not released yet.


3.      Build your own website

We all know the value of social media to promote music in this day and age. But what most people ignore is the fact that most – if not all – of those pages are going to fade into obliviousness. Eventually people get bored and move on to the next big thing.

In this sense, building your own website is a way to assure you get to keep ownership of all your content, even if Facebook goes off the map tomorrow. Having your own page also gives credibility to the information shown on your knowledge panel.


4.      Create your Wikipedia page

Wikipedia has been internet’s main source of information for more than two decades. By now, searching for something’s history on their database has become a staple for every internet user. This is why it is so important to create your own Wiki entry.

The process here is somewhat easy since their pages can be easily edited. Just make sure you create a good quality text with all that is important in your band’s history and current formation.


5.      Release your material

Now that you made the rounds to secure your place on the web, you can start releasing your music. It’s also important that you do this in a strategic manner. Make sure to have your material up on all important Digital Streaming Platforms (DSPs).

Sometimes, getting to a DSP can be a hassle for independent artists. But with Magroove, we help you distribute your work to the main services such as Spotify, Deezer and Amazon Music.


6.      Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

While creating your pages on the platforms, it is important to maintain a pattern on how you write the name of the songs and your stage name. It all has to be standardized across different websites. This is how Google can understand this is all about the same act and put it on the same panel. It’s all part of artist branding and how you want to present yourself to the audience.


7.      Getting recommended

One of the many perks of setting up your panel with the correct information is that you can expand your audience through recommendation. Often, Google directs the user to related searches. If you have your information up there with the right keywords and tags, you can end up showing on other artists’ panel as well.


We got you covered

We know that when we lay it all out like this, the process can seem too much. But don’t worry because here at Magroove we got you covered. We offer a couple of different solutions to help indie artists to get verified.

If you sign up with us, we will distribute your work to Google-trusted stores and streaming platforms like Amazon Music, iTunes and Spotify. We can also help you build your own website and even create a merch store to sell your stuff. Once you’re all set up, we will help you reach new people through our exclusive recommendation service

Check out all our features and reach out if you have any questions.

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