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How To Get Your Music On Instagram For Free

October 26, 2021 • 3 min read

Nowadays music distribution is also about getting your songs on platform such as Instagram. That can grant you not only more followers but also help you promote shows, tours, albums or even sell your band’s merch. Being active on Instagram is also a pathway to connect with your fans, giving them the opportunity to share your music on the app.

But how can you get your music available for use in stories and reels? The most simple way is by using a music distribution service that will help you upload your song on Facebook and Instagram catalog. This service also helps you upload your music on streaming apps supported by Instagram, such as Spotify and Apple Music.

By using our free music distribution service, you can choose to have your music available both on Instagram and Facebook with no extra fees or costs. It’s a free feature we offer on our music distribution service along with providing your Spotify For Artists account with a pre-save option for your releases.

With this little help from us anyone can use your songs to feature stories and reels by simply clicking on a few buttons. Keep reading the article to understand how you can use songs on Instagram and take advantage of this to boost your career as a musician.

How to add music to your Stories on Instagram

Nowadays, Instagram is one the most used social media in the world, getting approximately one billion monthly active users. Instagram Stories only has a total of 400 million users daily. Since 2018 the app allows users to pick a song to use as background music for their posts. As soon as your songs are available on Instagram’s in-app library, you or your fans can start using this feature to add background music.

Each Instagram Story has a time limit of 15 seconds and each Reel has 60 seconds. You can choose to add a picture or video first and then add a song, or choose the music first. If you want to use this application properly and add songs to your stories or reels, follow the instructions below:

1. Open your Instagram Stories and tap the sticker icon at the top of your screen


       2. Select the MUSIC icon

     3. Type the name of the song or artist on the search bar

      4. Select the desired section of the song

    5. Publish it!

You can be creative and use this feature to promote new songs or albums with pictures from promotional material or even use archive photos and videos. Instagram also offers a wide range of tools, such as text, gifs and filters to experiment with your posts. We will give you insights on how to get the best from Instagram to improve your social presence in the app.

How to use Instagram to promote your music

Using music on your Instagram Stories and Reels can be a fun and dynamic way of sharing new releases to get new fans and followers. Your audience will want to share their own life using your songs in the background as also lyrics to express themselves.

You can also take advantage of this feature using it combined with behind-the-scenes pictures and live footage from shows. Using direct links to streams such as Spotify or Apple Music also helps you to promote your upcoming albums or songs without additional cost. 

Instagram offers a full range of tools to promote your work, such as GIFS, Polls and boxes with questions so you can connect with your fanbase. While choosing the song directly from the in-app library allows people to see your cover art, song title and artist name, sharing it from Spotify generates a link for whoever wants to stream it afterwards.

Whether you want to use your own music to generate content or your fans do it so, both ways help you monetize the songs streamed in the app. So the only thing you need is a trustworthy distributor to help you get your songs online! 


When Magroove’s free music distribution service uploads your songs on both Facebook and Instagram in-app libraries, they become available for use on Instagram. This means any of your fans will have access to your music, sharing it easily with their followers. This feature allows people to help you with promoting your material simply by sharing it. When your music is available for anyone using the app, you can get a bigger audience promoting your songs free of costs!

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