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How to pre-save songs on Spotify in five steps

October 20, 2021 • 4 min read
If you want to know how to pre-save songs on Spotify — that means, creating a link on a streaming service where the release is automatically saved for the listeners that pre-saved it when it's out — can have many positive effects on marketing your music.  It's a great way to prepare your audience so they're the first to listen to your single, EP or album once it's released. You can warm up your audience for the arrival of your big launch by hyping your music — for example, with promotional posts on social media or a countdown. It’s also a great idea to run an ad on social media linking your pre-save page before your music is out. Magroove offers its artists a pre-save feature so you can properly market launches. To learn more about exactly how to set-up pre-saving for your release, keep on reading. 

How to pre-save songs on Spotify with Magroove

When filling out the music upload form so Magroove can put your release up on Digital Service Providers (DSPs), you'll be questioned about the time of your music's launch. You can either set it up as "immediately" or at a future date. Check out more details about Magroove's services. Our suggestion is to set a future date at least 30 business days ahead. That’s not only more than enough time for your release to securely be up on Spotify regardless if there are any problems with the release, but it’s also the minimum amount of time you should spend promoting before it’s online. Be sure to choose a strategic date and plan in advance to properly publicize the song. Once your release has been through our moderation process, go to your "My Releases" page in your Magroove For Artists account. Find the one you want and click the gear icon on the right. Then go to the "Pre-save" page. Now, you have access to a customizable URL with a link to the major DSPs your song will be pre-saved to! The page will have the cover of your release and its name. You can customize the URL link itself as well as the Background (you can add a pattern, solid color or an image of your choice) and main colors. Change the text if you want your listeners to get a custom message. Links of your music's pre-save on Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer are available. There's also a place your listeners can type out their email so they can be notified as soon as your release is out.    So, this is how to pre-save songs on Spotify: 
  1. Schedule your music to be released at least 30 days ahead.
  2. Once we've sent it for DSPs to analyze, you can set up a URL with the main pre-save links. To do so, go on the "My releases" page on your Magroove For Artists account.
  3. Then, access the gear button on the right of the song and click on "Pre-save". You'll be able to customize the URL with your own aesthetic and a personalized message. 
  4. Share your URL with the pre-save links for your audience to pre-save your release and acquire downloads and streams before the song is even out!
  5. If you want to, take advantage of this time and pitch your music to Spotify curated playlists, by creating a Spotify For Artists account. To learn more on how to do this, keep on reading.

Importance of the pre-save feature

When you choose to make your music be uploaded immediately in our upload form, it means that as soon as our moderators are done with checking if there's anything wrong with your release and the DSP moderates it, it will go up. The artist will not be able to promote their song before it's uploaded with a countdown or social media campaign, for example.   When you set a future date, we'll have time to process your song and you'll be able to market it with the pre-save feature. You can choose a strategic date for the release and, before it's up, the pre-save will be available to share.  You can also use this time to claim your Spotify For Artists account. For this, you'll need your Spotify Artist URI code. If this is your first release, go to "My Releases" on your Magroove account click the gear icon of your release and, under the Stores tab, open the Spotify box - you'll find your Artist ID there, which is the Artist URI code you need. If you've already delivered songs to Spotify, you can get your URI through the app. On the app, click the three-dot button on your artist page, go to the Share options and then "Copy Spotify URI". If you're on a desktop, you'll have to hold you mouse over "Copy link to artist" while pressing Alt/Cmmd key — it'll change to "Copy Spotify URI".   How to Pre-Save an Album on Spotify   With this code, you can claim your Spotify For Artists account. Inside the Spotify For Artists account, you can manage the Pre-Save on the "Upcoming" tab, as well as other tools, like the playlist pitching feature.  We suggest a timed release date of at least 30 days ahead, but if you're planning to promote your song in a campaign, you can set a longer time — maybe 60 or 90 days. Take this opportunity to spruce up your Spotify For Artists account to your liking. Edit your artist profile (including artist biography and profile picture). You can also access song and audience statistics when you claim an Artist account.  In the Upcoming tab on the Spotify For Artists account, you'll also be able to pitch your song to Spotify's official editorially curated playlists. When you pitch your release, it may go through various analyses until it reaches the playlist that fits it best. That can take a while,  so the more time until the song is actually live, the better chances of getting on great playlists and finding new listeners for your music! Upload Your Music to Spotify Now!
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