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Instagram Music Promotion – Complete Guide For Artists!

June 01, 2021 • 7 min read

Strategies for music promotion nowadays include some tools that the musician himself can handle. Self-promotion on Instagram is one of them. For the artist, learning instagram music promotion is increasingly necessary and also possible to do on your own. You just need to understand how Instagram's promotion posts and stories tool works. If this is your case, don't despair! We will cover step by step what you need to do to make boosting Instagram an uncomplicated task and, above all, bring amazing results. Instagram was born in 2010, with the mission of being a virtual space for sharing images. Over time, it gained so much popularity that it incorporated several other features. Among them are the possibility of sharing videos, live broadcasts, polls, and many others. All this can be used by users for free, without the need for investment. So, you may be wondering: what would be the real benefit of boosting Instagram, since this type of feature involves paying for ads?

Why go for an Instagram music promotion strategy?

To answer this question, imagine that Instagram today has almost 1 Billion users worldwide, sharing more than 100 Million photos and videos per day. It is among the most used social networks by individuals and large brands, public or private. The thing is that if you throw your content into this mix, without delimiting and following the audience you want to reach, it will be much more difficult to get a good result. That's where promoting posts comes in. An Instagram music promotion strategy will allow you to choose exactly who you want to be impacted by your message, something essential in artist branding - geographically, by areas of interest, gender, age. You also choose how long the promotion will run for and track the results in real time. This brings that 1 Billion people down to a carefully selected target audience for the achievement of your goals. For social media music marketing, it's important to understand that organic reach (people impacted by your content spontaneously, without investment) may not be enough to stand out in the crowd.

Instagram Music Promotion - STEP BY STEP

Create a business account

The first step to get on with content promoting is to create or transform your personal account into a business account. This is necessary so that you can access the ads tools and to get relevant information about growth, followers, engagement. The procedure is quite simple, just log into your profile and follow the path: settings - account - change to business account.

Click Promote Content

There are a few different ways to promote a post/story - by clicking on the promote button that appears just below each post, or by clicking on promotions just below edit profile. You can promote images and videos, either in the feed or in stories, as long as they meet the prerequisites set - we'll talk about that later. Whichever alternative you choose, Instagram itself will guide you to the next step.

Define your goal

Goal setting is that moment when you choose what the user should do when impacted by the content. If you can't really define your goals because you're new to this, we can help you. Common goals are: have more visits on the profile, more visits on the website (when there is a website specified) or receive more direct messages. The choice will depend on the strategy outlined in the artist's branding.

Select your audience to boost instagram

This step is undoubtedly one of the most important. After all, knowing how to promote your music requires understanding exactly who your audience is. Here, there are two paths: Automatic audience: in this case, Instagram itself selects an audience, based on the users who already interact with your profile. This option is only valid when the target audience is not yet well known or when the artist does not have time to make the manual selection. Targeted audience: this is the most recommended option, since it allows you to choose the people who will receive that content, selected by areas of interest, location, age, and gender.

Determining promotion's value and duration

The next step is to choose the amount of investment and the duration of your campaign. Instagram shows a warning when investment and time are too low and may not generate results. but there is no minimum amount stipulated. You can also see the estimated reach according to the amount available.

Create the promotion

Before finalizing the process, Instagram offers an overview of the promotion, with a preview of the ads for viewing, as well as a summary of the choices made. If everything is OK, just click create promotion and voila! Instagram Music Promotion


You can make payment in two ways: Through Instagram: as soon as the promotion is created, the advertiser can register a payment method directly on the social network. By Facebook account: it is possible to link the Instagram profile to a Facebook account. On Facebook, simply access the ad manager and add one or more payment methods. This option is interesting because the ad manager offers several features and relevant information.

Keeping track of you Instagram music promotion results

There you go! You did everything right. Now how to follow the results? The easiest way is to click on view insights just below the publication that was boosted. The main points to be considered are: Clicks - how many people clicked on the boosted post. Profile hits - How many people accessed the profile after seeing the boosted post. Discovery - How many people were reached with the promotion. Here you can find out how many were already following the profile and how many came exclusively from the promotion. Followers - How many new followers were gained with the promotion. Impressions - The number of times the promotion was displayed on the screen. It is important to say that the same person can see the post more than once. Audience - You can have an overview of the audience that interacted with the promotion by region, age and gender. More than just accessing the results, it is necessary to evaluate whether they met the objective. If positive, you can promote the same post again as many times as you want. If not, you can pause or pause the post at any time to adjust the route.


All promotions requests go through Instagram's validation. This can take up to 24 hours, but in general, ads become active within a few minutes. There are a number of rules that need to be considered before promoting posts and they vary depending on the type of promotion - in the feed (timeline) or in stories (short videos). Let's go to the main ones: Feed: formats can be square (1:1 ratio and minimum resolution 600 x 500 pixels), landscape (1.91:1 ratio and minimum resolution 600 x 315 pixels) or vertical (4:5 ratio and minimum resolution 600 x 750 pixels). Subtitles of up to 2,200 characters. Videos up to 4GB. Stories: videos up to 4GB of up to 120 seconds with a recommended resolution of 1,080 x 1,920. To learn all the specifications, visit the Facebook Help Center.

Instagram music promotion - TIPS FOR A GOOD AD

A good ad needs to be, first of all, a good post. Whether it is promoted or not, it should have a good image that speaks to the artist's marketing, or a good video. Besides the technical specifications, it is worth checking if the tone is pleasant, the setting, the colors. A valuable tip when the content is promoted is to insert a call to action (CTA). That is the text that invites the user to execute a command that converts him to your platform/buy your product. For example, if the artist is talking about a new product, a "buy now" goes very well. This facilitates sales, because the consumer does not need to look for information on how or where to buy. He already has everything right there, in the palm of his hand. It is important to say that links only work for promotions in stories, when the profile has more than 10,000 followers. Otherwise, it appears as text, but is not "clickable". An alternative for smaller profiles is to insert the buy link in the bio and direct the audience there.

Instagram music promotion MISTAKES TO AVOID

The Instagram team is always on the lookout for violations of their policies and applies punishments to profiles that do not follow them. This includes the use of swear words, content considered inappropriate, nudity, false information. In addition, practices such as buying followers, when discovered, can lead to the profile being blocked or permanently deleted. Imagine the headache! When in doubt, respect the rules and reap the rewards of an efficient use of boosting.
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