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Music Promotion Ads – Make Your Songs Popular

August 02, 2023 • 7 min read
The popular music promotion ads can be a very powerful tool to boost independent artists’ releases. In a crowded industry like this one, you need to stand out. Of course, streaming services made it possible to reach huge audiences. Still, with millions of musicians in their catalog it's vital to find new ways to draw attention to your work. Ads, in particular, allow you to choose a target public and strategize. Let’s learn about this mechanism and how you can use it on major platforms like Google, Youtube, Spotify, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram.

What is music promotion?

First of all, we will understand the importance of music promotion. Imagine you just recorded an amazing song and you can’t wait to share it with everybody. Before you put your track out there, some planning is needed in order to get more listeners. Then, here enters promotion strategies. As an independent artist, it's crucial to put in a great effort to push your career to success.  Without doubts, streaming platforms are indispensable for any release. They've changed the industry forever and dominate revenues worldwide. But it's not enough to just upload a song; there is a whole process to promote it after that. Amongst all of the records available on straming platforms, you have to to be seen. For example, you can invest in social media music marketing, Spotify music promotion, and music video promotion. Another fundamental step is to hire a music distribution service. These companies will put the tracks on streaming platforms. Magroove, for example, is a free option created to help indie musicians. We distribute to high accessed platforms like Spotify, Deezer, iTunes, TikTok, Tidal, Apple Music, Amazon, and 40 others. Magroove will give 100% of your royalties for free and will never charge upfront. It's easy: you will only be charged if you make more than USD 5 a year per release. We will keep USD 5, and everything else is yours. If you make less profit than that, we will not charge you any extra fees or take your songs down. And we also offer features like pre-save, playlist pitching, analytic reports, and others. Well, there are many possibilities to lift up a new music, album or EP. Let’s take a closer look at one of the best of them: advertising! music promotion ads

How to get ready for music promotion ads?

Advertising - or just ads - is very effective when it comes to getting your music out there. It can bring visibility and new audiences to your work. They are a persuasive message to get a person to take action. People use them to sell products, services, an idea or a brand through communication channels. In our case, we are selling a music release.  One of the greatest advantages of ads is that they can be targeted to a specific niche public. More than that, you can choose and direct the time, place and demography of your advertising. It helps to reach people with higher chances to be interested in your art. Analytic metric tools - like the one provided by Magroove - can support you setting up these specificities. To kick off this strategy, the artist needs to have content to do so. And for publicity and ads, a strong branding and visual identity is crucial. But what is branding? It's what a musician uses to promote themselves, by means of distinctive design. To summarize, it is how you visually express your creativity.  So, the impact of your content has a lot to do with the visual aspects and highlights the relevance of your branding. Imagine you are browsing a website full of fun subjects. How to capture your attention? Images or videos can attract more interest. Use the opportunity to promote music videos, they are a key content for advertising. As visual-based social media becomes more dominant everyday, it's clear that the users want and consume this kind of material.

How does huge platforms manage music promotion ads?

The rules and prices for advertising are not the same on every platform. For example, Google, Youtube, Spotify, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram have different methods to deal with this system. As an independent artist, you should keep an eye on all the most accessed social media and websites. So let’s learn how to promote an ad in each of them!


To advertise on Google you have to sign up for a Google Adwords account, which is free. They use a Cost-Per-Click (CPC) system: with your ad displayed, you only get charged if someone clicks through to your website. So it depends on how much competition there is for the keywords you picked. You can set the maximum you want to pay for a clickthrough. And the price is determined by the quantity of other people bidding on the same keywords. That way, it is very important to be careful choosing them. To clarify, keywords are a word or string of words people type into a search engine to find what they are looking for. The more specific the better. music promotion ads You can access some features to help build yours: Google Trends show traffic estimates, what users are searching for. Do not forget to use geo-targeting to diminish competition and lower costs. Besides that, it will be more effective to advertise to a public more likely to enjoy your music. You can even choose time, days and types of devices. There are many types of ads the artist can create with Google Adwords: Google Search results, mobile ads, advertise on other websites, Youtube, image and video ads. To start, speak to a representative who can analyze your ads and support its improvement. You can change it anytime and the company offers efficient measure reports.


Youtube also uses Google ads. They operate differently - search, display and shopping. You can promote new tracks, song covers or parodies, product sales, and more. It's simple: sign into Youtube Studio and get started to increase your channel fanbase. Secondly, locate the music video you want to boost, tap it and open Google ads. Then, set up an account and link your payments. You will have to select a bid cost here too. And a Youtube ad campaign can run more than one video to promote at the same time. You may have one in the US and another in Europe, according to your plans. It's an opportunity to test which release has more impressions. There are some kinds of content that usually have better chances to perform well, like hype music videos and high-produced lyric videos.


If you are thinking about creating music promotion ads, the major streaming platform can not be left out. Spotify has over 500 million users, it is the perfect place to promote your release. They manage advertising through Ad Studio. The idea is to give listeners a taste of your songs on the same platform they are already hearing and looking for new artists. Works this way: upload your audio or video ad or use their voiceover tool to get a professionally recorded audio ad, including sound mixing and production, at no extra cost. Then, choose your reach based on age, gender, location, activity, interests, or tastes. Now set your budget and dates. Ready to go! The platform also provides streaming conversion metrics to help planning future campaigns. Here is some tips for Spotify ads:
  • Talk to fans directly, or maybe target listeners of similar musicians to reach a potential new audience;
  • Tease your music: use your song as the background track;
  • Give a clear call to action: “Check out my new single…”;
  • Provide a clickthrough URL to a Spotify playlist, artist page, album, or track.

music promotion ads


TikTok makes songs go viral everyday. Around 88% of TikTokers love discovering new content while using the app, following a research of the company. To create ads, artists can make clips of their track and add it to a video footage. To summarize: select your objective, set a budget, targeting and bidding method, upload your content, and submit! It will attract more people to your profile, increasing your listeners.


Facebook is another option for music promotion ads. Again, it starts with the main question: what are your goals? It will guide the campaign. After defining your promotional objectives, it's time to set up your strategy for ad placement - where the ad will show up. You can put it on feeds, stories, or other spaces on the network. Think about where your fans interact on social media and use your creativity.  Then, it is targeting time! There are over 2 billion users on Facebook, so be smart to achieve effective results. You can upload videos or images for the ads into the Ad Platform. At the end, focus on analyzing repercussions and optimizing. 


On Instagram the beginning is similar: define your goals. Here is a step-by-step after that: go to the Ads Manager, choose a budget, and identify your target audience. Be sure you are using the option Guided Creation, it will help you with all the necessary - from schedule to placement. Finalize those settings and pick the format, media, and text. Then, review everything and click the “place order” button. Attention: have content prepared for different formats, feed and stories. SIGN UP!
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