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Music Promotion Apps – How to Go Viral

September 05, 2023 • 6 min read
Do you know what music promotion is? It consists of strategies to enhance the visibility and engagement of musical artists, aiding in reaching a broader audience. And there are many music promotion apps that could help you with it! Under the umbrella of music marketing, many different strategies help artists to gather a dedicated fan base. Some examples are building an online presence, crafting quality content, securing media coverage, doing live performances, playlist pitching and more. For indie artists, assuming promotion responsibilities is essential. It offers control over creative decisions, direct fan interaction, cost-effective approaches, adaptability to trends, and the potential for organic growth. Music promotion apps are allies in this process. Whether they’re social media apps or online music streaming apps, using these tools is unprecedented nowadays. In this article, we’ll explain how music promotion apps can help you in the journey of publicizing your music.

Streaming apps

Pitching for official playlists and launching pre-save campaigns offer musicians potent tools to amplify the anticipation for their upcoming releases. Platforms like Spotify, Amazon Music, Deezer and Apple Music offer that option. Pitching for official playlists involves reaching out to playlist curators with the goal of having your track considered for inclusion. It can broaden your exposure and lend your music credibility through association with popular collections. This process entails submitting the song for review, with the hopes that its quality and alignment with the playlist's theme will lead to its selection. If successful, the track gains visibility among the playlist's followers, potentially resulting in increased streams and discovery by wider audiences. By pitching to playlist curators, you have the chance to secure placement on high-traffic playlists.  music promotion apps Moreover, pre-save campaigns are all about encouraging listeners to save an upcoming release prior to its official launch. This involves creating a link that enables users to pre-save your track, signaling demand to the platform's algorithms. Excited fans are promptly notified when the music drops. As a result, the release is more likely to receive algorithmic placements on playlists upon launch and experience a surge in initial streams. Fostering anticipation is a great strategy to strengthen the overall impact of a music release! Pre-save campaigns provide valuable data for targeted marketing efforts, as well.  Combining these tactics creates a synergistic effect: playlist exposure initiates interest, building the hype that leads to pre-saves and early engagement. In turn, it fosters organic sharing ans boosts the song's chances of gaining media attention. Such a well-coordinated approach harnesses algorithmic support, fan enthusiasm, and social sharing dynamics to cultivate excitement around your release. It's a way of ensuring a robust start in the dynamic landscape of streaming platforms.

Social media apps

Facebook provides a multifaceted platform for music promotion. By creating a career-related Facebook Page, you can share updates, videos and live performances with your listeners. There's also the option of paying for targeted advertising to reach specific demographics. Instagram, with its visual focus, lets artists showcase their personalities and music through Stories, IGTV, and visually appealing feed posts. Features like Instagram Lives can be used for intimate acoustic sessions, Q&As with your audience, and many more. Use Reels for short music videos — try to keep them under the 30 seconds mark —, and IGTV for longer ones. All the same, TikTok presents a unique opportunity for indie artists to go viral with catchy music snippets. Use trending challenges and soundtracks to engage a younger, trend-savvy audience. YouTube offers a powerful video-sharing platform, where you can upload official music videos, lyric videos, vlogs, and behind-the-scenes content, cultivating a dedicated subscriber base. Through YouTube Premiere, artists can build anticipation by scheduling video releases and hosting live chats with fans while they wait. X — formerly known as Twitter — has about 330 million monthly active users. Its real-time nature facilitates direct artist-fan interactions, enabling indie musicians to engage in numerous conversations. The platform also allows users to utilize hashtags and enhance discoverability. Each platform provides distinct possibilities for indie artists to connect with their audience. While Facebook and Instagram focus on visual storytelling and text, TikTok emphasizes on short-form creativity. YouTube offers robust video content hosting, and Twitter fosters real-time engagement. By tailoring your approach to each platform's unique features and audience preferences, you can effectively amplify your music's reach.


Artist branding is a cornerstone of successful music promotion, shaping an artist's identity and facilitating genuine connections with their audience. It defines your style, values and story, allowing you to stand out and resonate in a crowded industry. Social media apps are essential for establishing this brand, since they provide a space for musicians to develop a consistent storytelling, personal content and creative visuals. The presence of indie artists on social networks not only nurtures a relatable image. It also enables precise targeting, ensuring the brand reaches the right demographics. Features like hashtags, geotags and advertising tools help you extend your reach beyond your existing fan base, attracting new listeners. Regular engagement on these platforms maintains brand visibility, fueling anticipation for releases and events. Ultimately, artist branding intertwines with social media platforms to form a potent duo that amplifies music promotion. It’s an opportunity to cultivate authentic connections and expand an artist's influence.

Music promotion apps and EPKs 

Having a strong social media presence and a well-defined branding strategy offers significant advantages to indie artists. One of them is the ease of crafting an impactful Electronic Press Kit (EPK) and reaching bloggers, reviewers, and journalists. A vibrant social media presence ensures a steady flow of engaging content, including high-quality visuals, music updates and authentic interactions with fans. This dynamic online activity not only generates the necessary materials for an EPK, such as compelling images and engaging narratives, but also reflects your personality, style, and authenticity – elements that resonate powerfully with media sources seeking stories to cover. Through consistent social media engagement, you can cultivate a dedicated fan base, build anticipation for upcoming releases and refine their branding narrative, all of which enrich the content of your EPK. Moreover, a well-established branding strategy harmonizes an artist's online identity, enabling a seamless transition from social media to the EPK. The cohesive brand story, honed through social media, resonates deeply with bloggers, reviewers, and journalists seeking unique narratives to feature. A clear brand identity not only captures their attention but also ensures consistency across different platforms, strengthening your credibility and making your story more appealing to media professionals. The authentic connections fostered through active social media engagement complement the information presented in the EPK, thus enhancing the artist's potential to reach sources outside of social media. In this way, the interplay between an active social media presence and a well-crafted brand narrative enriches an artist's ability to craft a compelling EPK and effectively connect with a diverse range of media outlets.

What about ads?

music promotion apps
Social media platforms provide you with a comprehensive suite of advanced advertising tools, offering substantial potential to enhance your music promotion endeavors. These robust tools empower artists to precisely target your desired audience based on factors such as demographics and interests, guaranteeing that your music resonates with those who are most likely to engage. An array of ad formats — spanning videos, photos, carousels and stories — allows you to craft compelling and imaginative content that captivates users effectively. Furthermore, artists exercise full command over their advertising budget, selecting optimal placement for their ads and accessing performance metrics encompassing engagement and conversions. Utilizing remarketing features, you can reconnect with users who previously displayed interest, while strategically positioning call-to-action buttons guide users towards taking specific actions. The capability to conduct split tests further aids in perfecting advertising strategies, ensuring campaigns are honed to achieve the utmost impact. By harnessing the capabilities of these social media ad tools, you can efficaciously expand your reach in a cost-efficient manner, ensuring that your music resonates with the appropriate audience and gaining a competitive advantage within the intricate landscape of music promotion.
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