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Amazon Music For Artists – Claim Your Profile

June 21, 2021 • 4 min read
Amazon Music for Artists is a music distribution app that you must know if you are an independent artist. With it, you will be able to manage your own profile and receive updates about your releases and fan bases. If you want to stay relevant and earn money and recognition as an artist, you have to upload your music on Amazon Music. The same goes for other top streaming services like Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music. But today we are here to talk specifically about Amazon Music for Artists, so let’s get to that!

What is Amazon Music for Artists

Amazon Music for Artists is an app that you can download on both Android and iOS. It offers the artists insights and statistics about how well their music is performing on the platform. As an artist, you also have access to tips and advice that can help you grow on the platform. Also, on Amazon Music website is already filled with information and FAQ that can help you understand all you need about the service. Currently, around 60 million people listen to music using any type of Amazon Music streaming services. Amazon has basically three types of streaming services for listeners. One is the Amazon Music Unlimited, where you have access to 70 million songs ad-free. With Amazon Music HD, you can also have access to 70 million songs, but at the original quality. The tracks are HD, uncompressed and have a bit depth of 16-bits. The sample rate is 44.1 kHz. There are also 7 million tracks on Ultra HD, with a bit depth of 24 bits. The other service is Prime Music. There you get access to 2 million songs instantly when you update to a prime membership. Now that you know a little of how it works for your listeners, let’s check out how you can claim your artist profile and get started!

Amazon Music for Artists and Alexa

One of the many cool things about Amazon Music for Artists is that it let’s you check out how many times listeners have asked Alexa to play your music. It is the first app to show these statistics, and it’s a really important one. Nowadays, with Alexa being somewhat accessible, more and more people are starting to use voice commands to listen to music. Alexa can also recognize a song if you sing some of the lyrics, so it adds yet another path to reach your music. All that is transformed into statistics you can check and use to improve even more your own music distribution. 

Claiming your artist profile

After answering the question "how can I upload my song to Spotify?", navigating on Amazon Music for Artists should be easy for you. Like on Spotify, you can claim your artist profile, upload your profile picture and have access to all your statistics. To claim your music profile on Amazon Music you just have to follow some basic steps. First, you have to download the app from the Apple Store or Google Play. Then you have to fill out all the information they ask on the verification page. Next, there are free music distribution services that you can integrate if you have any. If you're going with Magroove, just check the right box. Next, click “submit” and you are done! Now you just have to wait for the confirmation email to start using all the features. In order to upload your tracks on Amazon Music HD, you best deliver your audio files on FLAC so it can be truly high-definition with no losses. You should also provide an “artist image”, that will be kind of your “profile picture”. The file must be on jpeg ou png, and at least 500x500 pixels. The background has to be at least 1920 x 1440 pixels. The files cannot be larger than 15mb.

Amazon Music for Artists and Royalties payment

Like other streaming services, Amazon Music for Artists pays their royalties per stream. Each stream pays $0.00402. This means that if your music is played 100.000 times, you’ll get roughly $ 402. If your listeners stream it a million times, you will earn something near $4020. These numbers are not exact, since there are some other factors that may alter this amount. But they are a good estimator, so you can have an idea of how much you can earn.  For comparison, Spotify pays $0.00437 per stream, which sums up to $4370 for a million plays. Apple Music pays $0.00783 per stream, or $7830 for a million streams. YouTube pays $0.000069 per view, which adds up to $ 690.00 for a million views. As you can see by these estimators, the pay per stream or per view may vary a lot depending on the service you are using. However, highest pay per stream is no guarantee of higher income. You have to consider that different apps have different audiences, and the number of listeners on each vary considerably.
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