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How to Promote Music on Social Media – Expand Your Audience

September 05, 2023 • 9 min read

As an artist, you've already heard of social media music promotion, right? To find your audience, it is fundamental to have an active social media presence. They take such a big part in most people’s lives and directly influences what they consume. This is a great way for independent music artists to begin promoting their music, since it is free of charge and can be done by yourself. One of the most effective ways of approaching this proccess is learning how to promote music on social media. By the end of this article, you will have learned how to promote music on social media and how to talk to users and showcase your art on different platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube and Reddit. Since each platform has a distinct language and set of tools, we will go into more detail and give examples of how you can maximize your presence and expand your audience in each one of them.

The Importance of Social Media

But first things first: why is it so important to have a strong social media presence? Recent studies show that more than 77% of the eligible global population are social media users. Users spend an average of almost two hours and thirty minutes per day on those platforms. Crazy, right? But it means that social media is definitely the place to be to make yourself noticeable. However, just having an account for your work is not enough, obviously. Your presence must be active and you must update daily. Always remember that not everything you post arrives to your follower’s feeds. So the more you post, the most likely it is that your followers will like, comment and share your content.

How to Promote Music on Social Media

To promote your music on social media, you have to use the algorithm in your favor. And since social media is characterized by its fast consumerism, make it interesting from the very beginning. You are competing for users' attention, and the first few seconds are the most crucial ones. If you get their attention, it's likely they will migrate from your profile to your music, for example. Nevertheless, your social media presence can not be tied up only around your music. You also have to introduce yourself as a person or a group of people, depending whether you are a solo artist or in a band. This will keep your followers interested and engaged with your content. This happens because they will feel almost like they know you personally. There is a possibility of exchange between fan and artist, such as answering followers and taking requests, which is beneficial for promoting your music. Social media platforms are a great space to promote your music Using social media to keep close touch with your public is useful to build the hype around your newest releases. You can use your accounts to tease the audience about what is about to come, and there are many different ways to do so. For instance, you could change the profile picture of each one of your social media accounts to match the visual identity of your up and coming album. Or you can post countdowns until the release date. This will increase curiosity among your followers and therefore they will engage more with your content, helping you promote your music organically.

Create Your Identity

Before diving deep into promoting your music on social media, your identity as an artist must be clearly built up. This will help you find your own audience, your niche. Because though nowadays it may be fairly easy to get your music out there using social media and streaming services, it is a whole lot harder finding people who will stick with you and with your work. Therefore, you have to make yourself identifiable in each platform. Keep in mind that, in addition to being an artist, you are also a brand to be promoted. To do so you must find a discerning visual identity that your audience can link to you and to your work. You must also channel a well established voice and approach to social media users. Your music may be your brand’s defining aspect, but how you present it through social media is the first thing everybody will see. The tricky thing is making yourself noticeable on each platform in order to reach your people. You must create content for those who will care about your work. Everything you post should be driven by your target audience. Your target audience is a part of your identity, it is the people who are going to consume your work. Think to yourself: who listens to my music? What would they want to see me post? These questions can be a starting point to your marketing strategy in social media.

How to Promote Your Music on Different Social Media Platforms

To promote your music on social media, you must optimize the use of each platform. This means you have to understand how to approach the users of each social network, utilizing the tools provided by them and using it to enhance your music. You should also think about what type of post is appropriate for each platform. Perhaps one type of video is suitable for YouTube, but would bore TikTok users to death. So always keep in mind that different social networks require different contents.

Share Your Work on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most used social media worldwide. Though it was initially a photo only social network, it grew immensely in possibilities — including in possibilities of how to promote your music. Nowadays, you can also update your profile with videos, reels, stories, and even merch to sell. An effective and easy way to grow a following audience on the app is by pumping these same contents using promotion tools available on Instagram. To do so, you will need to turn your personal account into a business account. This way, you will be able to track your growth and use the ads tools. Now that you have switched to a business account, you will choose how you want to promote your work. You can promote your art to the automatic audience and boost your content to users selected by Instagram based on who interacts with your profile. Or you can make it more effective by promoting it to your targeted audience, like we have talked about. You will therefore choose who will receive your ads, which will be the people you are making music for. The next step is choosing what posts to promote. In summary, you should promote good posts that feature your music and show a bit of your style as an artist, in order to speak to the targeted users. A good tip is to use a call to action (CTA). CTA demands and teases the users to do something on command. For example, adding a link to the post that will lead them to your streaming profile, where they can fully listen to your music.

Go Viral on TikTok

It’s safe to say that TikTok has created its own language. With so many tools and possibilities to collaborate and do famous trends and challenges, the potential to go viral is huge. And a song going viral on TikTok is maybe nowadays the fastest way for it to become a massive hit. Artists often get discovered because their songs become popular on the app, for instance. You can even make an income out of it, since TikTok pays royalties from each new video that is uploaded using your music. Ok, but how do you maximize the chances of you being the next big famous TikTok musician? If you are a creator and already have a big following on TikTok, the chances of going viral are bigger. If that’s not the case, however, do not despair! You can also collaborate with influencers. They can create videos utilizing your music, either as a main aspect of the video (for example, if it is a video of them dancing) or in the background. You can also go further than this, and use the duet feature to reply to the video or to respond to some comments, creating more engagement and more buzz around your work.

Post Music Videos on Youtube

Almost 20% of all music streams around the globe comes from video streaming, of which the biggest representative for sure is YouTube. Music takes up a large share of YouTube’s content, and music videos could not be presented better anywhere else. But since you won’t be making music videos for each one of your songs, another option that goes very well with the YouTube format are lyric videos. It’s a great way to associate your song with images and make the lyrics available. But don’t stop there! Social media is a great way to connect with your audience and with YouTube it’s no different. Diversify your content. You can make videos showing a bit of your life as an artist (the vlog format is very popular on this platform), or maybe showing your band’s rehearsal and backstage experience. A quick way to get popular on YouTube is through ads. They are customizable and you can place them in different areas of the website such as the home page, or before videos users may watch, or even associated with keywords when somebody looks something up at the search bar. After you’ve worked a bit on your page, you can even request the YouTube team to verify your account. This will be useful for your work, since it allows you to access detailed stats and improve your profile's SEO. You will also be able to sell and promote your merch and tours directly on your YouTube channel.

Make the Most of Facebook

You can promote your music on Facebook using either paid ads, such as we’ve talked about in Instagram and YouTube, or you can do it for free with a few simple strategies. One of them is to create an artist page, which will be much more useful for your marketing goals than a personal one. Then, you can join music Facebook groups to promote your work. Post your new songs and promote concerts, events or festivals that you will be playing. But don’t overlook everybody else’s posts. It's a great way to get to know the indie music scene and perhaps even hear about gig opportunities. Embrace this feeling of community and stay smart to not miss any chances! But don’t forget that Facebook is an “old” social network. That means that its audience is different from Tiktok’s audience, which is a much younger crowd. So always weigh in how much time you should spend on each social media, depending on your target audience.

Create a Community on Reddit

We know that Reddit isn’t the most talked about social network when it comes to music promotion. But it’s a great option since it actively encourages independent artists to show off their work. Reddit values content over popularity, so it is a good way to find your community and gather a loyal audience. To do so you must first engage in some of the already existing communities available. And the more specific, the better: there are many niche forums on Reddit. Find one that matches your music style, then you’ll be in direct touch with your target audience! Don’t forget to engage with them since the platform really values this. Answer every comment, and also be active in other people’s posts. After a while using the platform, you will also be able to create your own subreddit, your forum, which you can dedicate exclusively to your music. SIGN UP!
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