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Music Streaming Promotion – Reach New Listeners

September 05, 2023 • 7 min read
Nowadays, it's not enough to record an amazing track and have a music promotion plan if you don’t include streaming promotion. You got the first step right by putting your song on platforms like Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music. But did you know that these services offer tools to boost your release? In this article, we'll teach you how to use them to build the hype and reach a wider audience. Don't forget: Magroove places your work in these spaces for free!

What is music streaming promotion?

Basically, before putting a song, album or EP out there you need to create plans to draw attention to it. That’s what we call music promotion. As an indie artist, you should take it into your hands to stand out in the crowd. And where do streaming platforms come in? Well, this new way of listening to music has revolutionized the industry.  Today, you cannot prepare a release without thinking about Spotify music promotion, Apple Music promotion and Amazon Music promotion, for example. In the past decades, the only way a musician could distribute their work was entering into deals with record labels to sell to stores. Back in the day, there were no other options than physical copies, like CDs and vinyls.  Once enough people got access to the internet and learned how to do music piracy, sales revenues started to fall. Then, in the early 2000s, streaming arrived and changed everything. These platforms have made it easy for the public to access a multitude of tracks with just one click. More than that, they allow artists to share their music online without the help of a label and earn royalties.

Streaming domination

According to the last IFPI (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry) report, streaming revenues rose by 11,5% in 2022. By the end of the year, they were responsible for 67% of all sales in the music industry. In 10 years, these companies’ revenues went from USD 0,9 billion in 2012 to USD 17,5 billions in 2022. In 2023, Spotify alone has more than 500 million users worldwide. Music Streaming Promotion And music distributors can be your ally to put your songs in these spaces. There are plenty of options, but Magroove is the one founded to help independent musicians for free. We upload your tracks to more than 50 high accessed streaming services globally, like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, TikTok and more. We also give you 100% of your royalty rights and never charge upfront. You will only be charged if you make more than USD 5 a year per release. We keep the initial 5 dollars, and all following earnings are yours. If you earn less than that, we keep just the amount made. There's no hidden fees and we won't take your music down!

What to do after uploading music on streaming?

It's not enough to have your music available on streaming services, you need to be seen and heard. But don’t worry, we'll teach you how to use the platforms' own tools to your advantage. Major sites like Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music provide features to join your music promotion. And Magroove is ready to support you to use them. Time to know these strategies!

How to do music streaming promotion on Spotify?

Spotify offers a lot of different tools to spur your music. To start, let’s talk about Spotify for Artists accounts. You can only claim your own after making your first release on the platform. But not necessarily after the song is out, though. We’ll explain: when you log into your general account or sign up for a new one, it’ll ask for your Spotify’s Artist URI. In case your track is not online yet, we can help.  Just go to My Releases in your Magroove’s account and choose the release assigned to the artist name you claimed. Under the stores tab, find the Spotify one. There will be the Artist URI you need, after 1 week you've uploaded your first release with us. Then, provide the URI and social media links for the verification process and you're ready to go! With that you can manage your profile, update photos and biography, share tour dates and add custom images for each featured item. But more than that, the musician can access the famous Spotify Pre-Save campaigns. They guarantee that the track will automatically be in the library or playlist of the listeners who signed up for it. When a song receives a high amount of pre-saves, the platform understands that it'll have a good repercussion.

Playlist pitching 

You can also pitch future releases to official playlist editors or curators. It’s a great opportunity for your sound to reach new audiences. Go to your Artists Page to send upcoming, unreleased songs. They’ll add your pitched song to your followers’ Release Radar playlists and you can pin it to your This Is playlist. It’s simple: log in, select “Pitch from next release”, choose the music, and fill out the info. Another option is to contact the curators directly with a message on social media or email. Music Streaming Promotion Last but not least, the artist can even run an ad campaign with Spotify Advertising through the Ad Studio. Follow these steps: first, upload your audio or video ad or use their voiceover tool to get a professionally recorded audio ad, including sound mixing and production. Then, choose your reach based on age, gender, location, activity, interests, or tastes. Now just set the budget and dates. Done! Quick tips: talk to fans directly, tease your single and provide a URL.

How to do music streaming promotion on Apple Music?

Apple Music also has its own music streaming promotion features. Similar to Spotify, they have an Apple Music for Artists Account. There, the musician can customize social media posts to fit their style and interact with followers. The tool supplies a variety of colors, sizes and themes. You can also customize celebratory posts to share milestones and show everyone that your song is becoming a hit. The possibility to publish while maintaining your special identity and bearing Apple's credibility stamp is valuable. Feel free to use the brand's badges and icons to promote your tracks. The platform offers Twitter Audio Cards too. They’re a 30-second preview of the track alongside the album cover art. Go to Marketing Tools, search for the music, add your affiliate token, scroll down to the section, copy the link and publish! They have a pre-add feature as well: users who signed up are notified the second the content is online. According to the company, releases with pre-adds have more listeners than those without. Again, music distributor services can ensure the release meets all the specifications. Apple Music also provides Linkfire: with one link, your audience can find your music on this platform and others. Fans will be able to reach songs, albums or playlists automatically. It’s useful for social media posts and mailing lists. The features are not over: people not logged into the service can play a 30-second clip of a track or see the full list of songs from an album or playlist. And, of course, it's possible to pitch music to curated playlists here too - like “Puro Pop” and “Today’s Hits”.

How to do music streaming promotion on Amazon Music?

As Spotify and Apple Music, Amazon Music also has an account for artists and allows musicians to pitch their tracks to playlists. Besides that, they bring interesting different tools as well. For example, the Artist Follow feature makes it easy for fans to keep updated about new releases. As you share a new single, the platform automatically notify your followers. The alerts come either as a yellow ring atop their Echo or as a push notification sent to their device. Listeners can even ask your Alexa to follow you! Music Streaming Promotion Another idea is to get into stations offered and personalized by Amazon Music. Their stations play a mix of the top songs for a given genre, mood, or theme. There's also artist-based ones that include the musician’s catalog plus similar bands or singers. A team of curators program priority tracks into stations at three rotation levels. Heavy (hits of the day or hottest new songs), medium (music on the way up the charts or on their descent), or light (past hits or songs they’re testing). The DJ Mode, in turn, combines streaming audio with the personality of FM radio. It allows listeners to access on-demand, personalized, versions of three of the platform’s most popular playlists - "Rap Rotation", "Country Heat", and "All Hits". These new DJ Mode stations will feature DJ hosts with recorded commentaries from artists speaking about their music and what influenced them. The tool is currently only available in the US, on iOS, Android, Fire TV, Alexa and Echo devices.

Social media

In addition to the tools provided by streaming platforms, social media can also help with your music promotion. A strong and constant presence in spaces like TikTok, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can amplify your moves on Spotify, for example. Take the opportunity to share your pre-save or pre-add link with your followers when letting them know about your new single. Also use the personalized teasers and banners for your campaign on social media, this increases your credibility. When you're on a playlist, don't forget to tell your fans. All of this helps to create a buzz around your work. But don't just show up when you have something new. Keep a relationship with your fanbase and interact whenever possible!
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